If someone asked me when I got interested in fashion, I  would say that since my early childhood—being a little girl like many other Lithuanian children, I spent a lot of time playing with my friends. Most of them would choose the role of a teacher, a doctor, or a nurse.  But that was not the case with me.  I used to spend most of my time pretending to be a  famous designer. My dolls used to be models who participated in fashion shows, and I would create different clothing pieces for them.

Years went on, but I have never given up on my dream. In primary school, I attended after-school hand crafts activities during which I would design and make clothes for my mom and my imaginary sister.


A bit later, I made a significant step in my relationship with fashion. I chose a vocational school instead of a simple secondary school because I  could learn all the subjects that students learned at a secondary school, plus design, fashion, and practical dressmaking classes. Thus, after I had finished school, I got two certificates, a secondary education certificate and a qualified dressmaker certificate. I did get the credentials; the main thing was that I acquired a lot of knowledge and practical skills in making different clothing items. During that time, I created and made a lot of casual clothes and clothes for special occasions. I learned about all kinds of fabrics and their suitability for certain types of clothing, color patterns, fashions, and design.

Just after that, significant changes took place in my life. I got married, moved to the USA, and three lovely children were born. My friendship with fashion took a backseat.


Though sometimes leaning over my calmly sleeping little daughter, I would imagine myself making a fabulous wedding dress for her. Time has flown very fast. My little daughters and my son have become grown-ups. I have enough time for myself and fashion.

Sometimes the idea for a beautiful gown comes to my mind just the moment before I fall asleep.  Sometimes it turns up early at sunrise when I am jogging in the park, sometimes when I am standing and looking at the big angry waves coming to the Baltic seashore when I visit my native country Lithuania.